You May Be Eligible for FREE Services

Did you know?

  • Pennsylvania residents who are eligible for Medicaid may be eligible for home care services and MORE through a new program called  Community HealthChoices?

  • Family members (e.g. children, grandchildren) can qualify to become paid caregivers?

  • If you or your one loved one is not a Medicaid recipient, it is easy to apply?

Community HealthChoices makes it possible for Medicaid recipients to remain in their homes instead of going to care facilities, and family members can get paid  to stay home and provide their care!

Community HealthChoices, Home Care, & You

Community HealthChoices (CHC) is the managed care program offered through the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services developed to assist Pennsylvania residents with care related needs (age, disabilities, cognitive impairment, special needs) that limit independent living.  

CHC helps people remain in their homes longer, stay engaged in their communities, and avoid care facilities for better quality of life.

According to CHC, this applies to over 420,000 Pennsylvania residents, so if you are eligible for Medicaid and require assistance with activities of daily living,  there is a good chance you may be eligible for coordinated services through CHC.


How it Works

You or your loved one is qualified for home care services through CHC if you:

  • Are 21 or older

  • Live in Pennsylvania

  • Are Medicaid eligible  Medicaid

  • Need assistance with daily care

With CHC, recipients never have to come out of pocket to pay for home care services, and with Silver Home Care, recipients can request one of our qualified caregivers OR if they prefer, we will train and hire their adult children so they me remain home with their aging parents and earn excellent pay while delivering comfort and care.

Maintain Your Independence

Has age or a disability limited your ability to care for yourself alone at home?  Assisted living and skilled care facilities are not the only option.  Stay in your home, prepare and eat meals in your kitchen, sleep in your own bed, and stay engaged in your community with assistance from a dedicated Silver Home Care aide. 


Want a family member to serve as your aide?  Encourage them to contact Silver Home Care to learn more about what we offer, or apply immediately using our online application.   

Get Paid to Stay Home and Care for Your Family

Helping Hands

Families no longer have to choose between working a job to earn income and staying home to care for aging, disabled, cognitively impaired, or special needs family members thanks to benefits provided by Community HealthChoices (CHC).

CHC recipients qualify for home care services enabling them to remain in their homes and continue routines vital to physical and mental wellbeing, and family members can apply to become a home care aide with Silver Home Care to earn excellent pay while staying home and assisting their loved one.​

Anyone 18 years of age (except your spouse or POA)

can become a home care aide:

  • Child

  • Grandchild

  • Niece or Nephew

  • Aunt or Uncle

  • Cousin

  • Friend.

We Stand by Our Employees

Silver Home Care offers a great starting salary and ongoing support. Silver Home Care values our members and staff and we are as committed to our employees as they are to the members they serve.


We encourage prospective applicants to explore what other home care services have to offer, then talk to us.  We offer competitive compensation and are confident that you will find that our values, work culture, and commitment to you can’t be beat.  


Want to learn more about becoming a home care aide?  Contact us to discuss this exciting opportunity to earn more while serving your loved one.  


Ready to become a home care aide to your loved one?  Apply now and begin a rewarding career serving and improving the lives of others, one day at a time with Silver Home Care.


How to Apply for Services

Visit the Pennsylvania Independent Enrollment Broker (PAIEB)

Need Help to Apply?

Not sure where to start?  Silver Home Care is happy to provide guidance on applying for Medicaid benefits to assist with your or your loved one’s desire to remain in the home with care.


Contact us today to learn more!