Safety Monitoring

The safety of your loved one is essential.  Silver Home Care wants to put your mind at rest by offering our comprehensive and individualized safety service to promote member independence while protecting their safety, and giving you peace of mind that your mom, grandfather, or husband is safe.


Senior Monitor Systems

Silver Home Care provides senior monitoring services designed to empower high functioning members while unobtrusively observing their safety.  This is an ideal solution for members that require minimal assistance and live alone, but want the security of a quick response in case of an accident or medical emergency.  Senior monitor systems also add a layer of security as members’ abilities decline and they become more limited in their mobility due to age or illness, ensuring that if an accident does occur, they will get immediate assistance and care.

For a one time installation fee of $250, and a monitoring fee starting at $100 per month, you can get peace of mind knowing that your loved one is safe and can access help quickly should an emergency arise.  No more worried thoughts when mom doesn’t answer her phone on the third ring!

Monitor System Options

Our senior monitor services can be customized to meet your loved ones at their level of ability.  Our team does an in-depth assessment of your loved one’s abilities and limitations, as well as their habits.  Silver Home Care uses this data to build parameters that when exceeded, such as Papa spending a little too long in the bathroom, you or our team is alerted. 

System options include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Door sensors 

  • Ambient temperature sensors 

  • Emergency response alert button

  • Camera installation to preserve privacy but observe activity and ensure safety

  • Pressure sensors for their bed or favorite chair

  • Limited appliance access at certain hours (i.e. night).

Member families can choose to monitor the system, or request to have our team monitor on your behalf to better accommodate your schedule.


Secure In Knowing Your Loved One is Safe

You don’t have to choose between your loved one’s autonomy and their safety.  Give your loved one the freedom to continue living independently in their home while ensuring their safety with Silver Home Care Home Safety Solutions.     

Contact us today to learn more about how we assist in your loved one’s safety plan for independent home living.  

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Silver Home Care is proud a Community HealthChoices provider and accepts Keystone First, PA Health and Wellness and UPMC insurances.