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Home Essentials

Aging is a process.  With each passing year, we find that our bodies become a little less efficient, and a little less able to do the things we’ve always done for ourselves.  In the beginning, we tire faster, and recover slower from a rigorous day of gardening and lawn work.  

But as time goes by, even simple tasks, such as replacing a burned out light bulb, become a cost/risk analysis, forcing us to weigh the possibility of a fall or injury against regaining needed visibility in a darkened hallway.  

When aging and disabled people have family and friends nearby to help around the house, costly repairs for neglected maintenance and safety hazards can be avoided.  But if family lives out-of-town, or their schedules don’t allow time for extra chores in addition to their own, what are loved ones to do? 

Whether it is keeping your aging or disabled loved one’s lawn mowed and the gutters clear, or replacing the batteries in their smoke detectors and cleaning out the garage, Silver Home Care can lend a hand.  Avoid costly repairs and improve your loved one’s safety by accessing our services for the essential home maintenance needs not covered by our standard homekeeping services.

Home Essentials Services

In our commitment to promoting the autonomy of aging and disabled persons and the preservation of their dignity and respect, Silver Home Care now offers Home Essentials Services to meet member needs that extend beyond our standard homekeeping services.  This is ideal for aging and disabled people who live away from family and need assistance with general lawn care, minor home maintenance, and other odd jobs in the home.

Home Essentials Service Offerings

Silver Home Care maintains relationships with area businesses and organizations to assist members with tasks that fall outside the typical Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).  These services cover the tasks that a member might call a son or grandson to come help out with.

Personal care services include, but are not limited to:

  • Lawn care

  • Minor home maintenance (inside and outside)

  • Replacing emergency alert devices (smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, natural gas detectors)

  • Garage, basement, and attic cleaning and organization

  • Setup of electronic devices and services (tablets, digital streaming services, Wi-Fi)

  • Dog walking

  • Decorating for holidays (inside and outside)

Ready to Lend a Hand

Do you live out of town and are unable to see your aging parents regularly?  Do you walk with an assistive device that prevents you from standing on a step ladder?  Contact Silver Home Care today to learn how we can assist with the chores around your or your loved one’s home to help maintain quality of life, and preserve the pride of a well-cared-for home.

Does your loved one need more assistance in the home?  Discover what offerings we deliver for members at all levels of care with Silver Home Care Personal Care and Homekeeping services.

Silver Home Care is proud Community Health Choices provider and accepts Keystone First, PA Health and Wellness and UPMC insurances.